Meticulous preparation, reasoned analysis, and good sense characterize Nazanin's approach to client matters. Diverse personal and work experiences help her relate well to people from all walks of life and allow her to bring both compassion and tenacity to her work.

Nazanin has been practicing insurance defence litigation since 2016. Her practice at Harris & Brun focuses on the defence of motor vehicle personal injury claims on behalf of ICBC. She handles cases involving moderate to severe physical, psychological and neurological injuries. She is committed to providing strong and effective advocacy on behalf of her clients while practicing and promoting reasonableness in the conduct of litigation.

Nazanin was called to the bar in 2013 and started her career in a general practice firm in Prince Rupert, BC, where she was involved in both litigation and solicitor’s work. Working in a small community afforded her the invaluable opportunity to gain experience in a wide range of practices including family law, legal aid criminal matters, foreclosures, wills and estates and administrative law and to attend court regularly.

In 2016, she moved to the practice of insurance defence litigation, working on personal injury and property damage claims for various insurers. She joined Harris and Brun as an associate in 2017 and worked with the firm until 2020. Seeking to diversify her experience, she joined a commercial litigation practice in 2020 where she was involved in family law, commercial litigation, and administrative law. Nazanin was pleased to re-join Harris & Brun as associate counsel in late 2020. Currently, in addition to insurance defence, she continues to practice family law and commercial litigation.

*Practicing through a personal law corporation.


  • 2004, LL.B., University of British Columbia
  • 2000, Bachelor of Civil Law, University of Tehran

Ms. Aram’s work includes the following reported cases:

  • Rattan v. Li, 2022 BCSC 648: personal injury trial (junior counsel)
  • T.S. v. Gough, 2022 BCSC 264: personal injury trial (junior counsel)
  •  Heffernan v. Charlish, 2021 BCSC 1882: personal injury trial (junior counsel)
  • Reehal v. Reehal, 2020 BCSC 1635: defending application for finding of contempt, breach of court orders, and special costs in family law case (junior counsel)
  • Goy v. District of Sechelt, 2020 BCSC 1242: cross applications to interpret covenant and strike claim in the context of claim of local government liability arising from approval of subdivision (junior counsel), reversed on appeal, 2021 BCCA 349 and 350
  • Cook v. Kang, 2020 BCSC 575: application to exclude surreptitiously obtained audio recordings tendered as evidence at trial (junior counsel)
  • Cook v. Kang, 2020 BCSC 526: personal injury trial (junior counsel)
  • Hashimi v. Miki, 2019 BCSC 2287: application to join four actions for trial
  • Fancello v. Cupskey, 2019 BCSC 1724: personal injury trial (junior counsel)
  • Young v. ICBC, 2018 BCSC 138: personal injury trial (junior counsel)
  • Stewart v. Stewart, 2017 BCSC 1532: application for dismissal of claim based on lack of jurisdiction in estate action (junior counsel)
  • T.L.I. v. E.I., 2016 BCSC 2230: application for review of child support
  • Peace Country Petroleum Sales Ltd. v. O.T.H Logging Inc., 2016 BCSC 1574: summary trial application for payment of commercial debt​
  • Leniuk Estate, 2016 BCSC 159: application to clarify executor’s ability to distribute minor beneficiary’s inheritance

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