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Access to Justice

  • Agenda for Justice 2021: A Roadmap for Action, BarTalk Column “From the President”, April 2021.

Civil Litigation

  • Embracing the Civil Resolution Tribunal: Taking a Page from Darwin’s Book, August 2014.
  • Navigating the Disclosure of College Investigation Files in Civil Dental Malpractice Actions in British Columbia: Privileged or producible? November 2012.
  • New Civil Rules for Legal Support Staff 2010 – 5/7/2010 – Course Materials Author

Health Law

  • Protect Yourself: Consider Legal Expense Coverage & Legal Representation, The Bridge: BC Dental Association Publication, Winter 2019.
  • Vicarious Liability of the Contemporary Canadian Hospital: Sustained immunity or novel responsibility? July 2013.

Insurance Law

  • Insurance Law Conference 2014 — 09/19/2014 — Course Materials Author

Insurer-Defended Tort Claims

  • Defending Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Cases – Course Materials Author
  • Defending Personal Injury* – Course Materials Author
  • Defending Personal Injury 2016 CLEBC, The Undertaking –Update on Juman v. Doucette, February 4, 2016, Vancouver.

Judicial Independence

  • Resolver of Disputes, Interpreter of the Law and Defender of the Constitution: The Importance of Judicial Independence in Canada, December, 2013.

Mediation and Arbitration

  • Interim Relief and Emergency Arbitration Procedures: A Comparative Analysis Across Institutions, December 2014.

Motor Vehicle Litigation

  • BC Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Practice Manual — 05/08/2012 — Author
  • BC Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Practice Manual — 05/17/2011– Author
  • BC Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Practice Manual — 04/14/2010 — Author

Plaintiff Personal Injury Claims

  • Defending Personal Injury 2016 CLEBC, Defending Claims Brought by Unrepresented Litigants, February 4, 2016.
  • Mild Traumatic Brain Injury 2014 — 11/28/2014 — Course Materials Author
  • Defending Personal Injury – 2012 CLEBC, Managing Self-Represented Litigants in Personal Injury: A Small Claims Court Perspective, February 2012.


  • Co-Author with Lyle G. Harris, QC, 2016 - Present, Discovery Practice in British Columbia, CLEBC practice manual for lawyers in British Columbia, updated annually.
  • Practice Management Amid COVID-19, BarTalk Column “From the President”, June 2021.
  • Digital Competency of Counsel, BarTalk Column “From the President”, February 2021.

Harris Brun Video Channel

If you have been injured while working in the province of British Columbia, you may be entitled to claim benefits through WorkSafeBC. Once a claim is made by a worker, various departments at WorkSafeBC assess and may provide benefits in various forms, including:

  • Health care benefits such as expedited surgery, physiotherapy, or medication coverage;
  • Short- and long-term wage loss to replace lost income while recovering;
  • Pension entitlement for the loss of function caused by permanent injuries; and
  • Vocational rehabilitation including retraining for workers with permanently disabling injuries.

For more detailed information, please view our YouTube channel.

If you are interested in discussing your matter further with a lawyer at Harris & Brun Law Corporation, please Request a Consultation or contact our lawyers directly and we will be in touch with you promptly to discuss your matter.

Presentations and Seminars

Jennifer Brun

  • A New Trilogy on Loss of Capacity, Presenter, CLEBC, Personal Injury Conference, 2023
  • Regulatory Framework of the Health Professions Act, Regulations, and College Bylaws, HBLC, Presenter, June 14, 2021, Vancouver (Zoom).
  • Indigenous Children and Families: Learning about Wrapping our Ways Around Them, Presenter, CBABC Provincial Council, June 5, 2021, Vancouver (Zoom).

Lyle Harris

  • Discovery Practice 2016 CLEBC, Master the discovery process and take charge of the facts at trial! Course co-chair with Lyle G. Harris, Q.C., March 9, 2016, Vancouver.

Peter Collins

  • Personal Injury Issues – Course Presenter
  • Defending Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Cases – Course Presenter
  • Discovery Practice 2007 – Course Presenter

Robert C Brun

  • Medication and Addiction Issues in Personal Injury Litigation 2017 CLEBC, Course Chair and "Presenter of Medical Ethics and Legal Practicalities," April 20, 2017, Vancouver
  • Discovery Practice 2016 CLEBC, Master the discovery process and take charge of the facts at trial! Course co-Chair and Presenter of "Preparing Your Client for Discovery,_ March 9, 2016, Vancouver
  • Defending Personal Injury 2016 CLEBC, Course Chair and Presenter of "Over Prescription of Narcotic Painkillers: Physician Heal Thy Self," February 4, 2016, Vancouver

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