September 1, 2021

Jennifer Brun interviewed in the Vancouver Sun regarding B.C. government review of civil juries.

Harris & Brun

Since COVID-19 hit last year, the B.C. government suspended civil juries to protect the health and safety of people working and using the court system. The government is now looking into whether or not eliminating civil juries altogether would benefit the justice system and is reaching out to legal organizations and the public for input.

Jennifer Brun had the opportunity to give her thoughts to the Vancouver Sun on behalf of the Canadian Bar Association (BC Branch). She noted that civil juries provide important substantive individual rights. As such, Jennifer explained that the CBA(BC)’s view is that decisions affecting individual rights, particularly decisions that impact access to justice, should be based on empirical evidence. In this case, she noted a lack of actual statistical data, which is a concern that should be addressed as part of the decision-making process.

Read the full article: Legal groups concerned about possible abolition of civil juries in B.C.

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